Dream, Design, Deliver

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Inspired by these “3 Ds”, Travel Benefits By Design set out to approach the travel agent profession with a forward-thinking and unique mindset.

We strongly believe that travel planning is not only a necessity, but it’s part of a design; it’s part of what will contribute to unique and unforgettable experiences while traveling.  Granted, you might argue that the true essence of adventure lays in its unpredictability, but who said making plans – or better, designing a trip – means to get in the safe zone?

Unlike many travel agencies out there, we don’t simply “plan travels”, but we pride ourselves to be “designers” of experiences.

Traveling is one of the most fascinating, enriching and enjoyable life experiences possible, but it has got a very individualistic side to it: when we travel, we like to focus on different things. Some enjoy art museums, some enjoy nightlife, some want to explore the local culinary tradition…you name it.

We are all different individuals, and our hearts beat for different things, even when we’re on the road, in a completely new and exciting environment.

Our agency is committed to bridge the gap between the universal appeal of traveling and the personal attitude of the travelers; bringing unique interests, hobbies and passions to the forefront of the picture.

The destination is there. It’s up to you to choose how to experience it. Let us design your next travel experience!