travel benefits by designBy pure definition, stylish means fashionably elegant and sophisticated, and while travelers look for many things in their hotel, stylish isn’t exactly the first thing that comes to mind. After all, travelers mostly want functional, clean, and affordable, but stylish really is something that every vacationer should want in a hotel.

The Caribbean Journal recently put together a list of the most stylish hotels in the Caribbean. They say that it’s that extra attention to detail, that extra emphasis on design and creativity that makes a hotel stylish. It’s about seeing a hotel as a piece of artwork in its own right. Here are three of those hotels that made the list:

Round Hill, Jamaica

This hotel is old, but it’s considered stylish because each of the 27 luxury villas have their own personality. There’s another good reason why. It’s because Ralph Lauren, designer extraordinaire, designed the guestrooms of the hotel’s Pineapple House and if Ralph Lauren isn’t stylish, we don’t know what is.

Round Hill was conceived by Jamaica-born entrepreneur John Pringle, and the hotel has had many famous names walk through those doors, including Bing Crosby, John F. Kennedy, Sir Noel Coward, Errol Flynn and Ian Fleming. These and other famous celebs were known to holiday in Jamaica quite often. In addition, many musicals were known to have been written in the cottage including the classic “The Sound of Music.”

El Blok, Puerto Rico

Travel & Leisure magazine once described El Blok hotel as “El Blok is like a tropical Brutalist alien that crash-landed, quite happily, amid the brightly painted houses of Esperanza, a ramshackle beach village on the island’s southern shore. All curving concrete and perforated façades, the hotel is designed to encourage relaxed socializing.”

This unique hotel looks more like a New York City art museum than it does a hotel, but this modern flair is exactly what the architects were going for. The hotel has 22 rooms and is simplistic in nature with clean lines and a less-is-more design mentality.

Casa Colonial, Puerto Plata

The Caribbean Journal said that Casa Colonial, a boutique oasis designed by both Roberto Casoni and his designer wife, Sarah Garcia, “who have turned the place into a veritable art exhibition.” The hotel is a restored colonial estate, located on a stretch of private white sand beach that has 50 guest suites, decorated with sheer curtains, light textures and fabrics and eclectic furnishings.

Travel Benefits By Design