With TBBD, sailing, yachting, and rafting become an ultimate vacation.

Sail through the charters of Travel Benefits By Design! Imagine a paradise of luminous skies, the swell of the ocean’s unfathomable majesty, peaceful wetlands of tranquil waters flocked by migratory birds, the gentle tide of coves and coastal reefs…. At Travel Benefits By Design, we can book you with a luxury yacht fulfilling any honeymooner’s dream of dinners by candlelight. Watch scarlet-embered sunsets transition to the stars and back to the golden, dawn-lit skies. It is the perfect vision for a romance-emblazoned journey.

For those who want to cruise along Montenegra and the French Riviera, Travel Benefits by Design can book you with multi-sailed schooners for an idyllic luncheon outing. For corporate get-togethers, why not book a luxurious yachting trip through the glistening turquoise waters of Greece or Barbados or the Florida Keys? For history buffs, you can sail on a Mediterranean galleon like a 15th century Portuguese navigator or take a ride on a dragon-shaped reed boat on Lake Titicaca in Peru.

At TBBD, we grant the Ultimate Adventure for the Thrill-seeker! Ride the crests, feel the pitch of jibing, and drive through the “eye of the wind” amidst plumes of ocean spray! Travel Benefits By Design will help you find prime locales for advanced watersports such as Australia, New Zealand, the British Virgin Islands, and the Grenadines, where you can take a sleek speed catamaran for ocean sport fishing and scuba diving. Travel Benefits By Design also offers the excitement of trying out an assortment of beginner sailing techniques – as easy to learn as getting the brag-worthy photo ops. So latch onto the rigs of the O’pen Bic, the Topaz Omega, and the RS Cuba!

For those who love the plummeting whitewater rapids, let Travel Benefits By Design book you to a multi-day pass through the Grand Canyon, the tumbling gorges of Tuolumne River in Yosemite and the Sierras, or the deep mountain passes of Futaleufu River in Patagonia Chile. The options are limitless!