White rum, light rum, gold rum, dark rum, spiced rum, flavored rum…. Your next vacation can explore all the winning variations.

Yes, you can sail across the tropical Caribbean, the center of world rum production. Tour and learn about the fascinating process of making and aging rum as well as the history of rum up to the modern day. Rum sampling, food pairings and cigar match-ups are available when you customize a rum trip. Experience the Barbados Rum Festival, the Caribbean Rum Festival or take a Puerto Rican rum tour and absorb the cultural flavors of rum. Truly, there is no better combination than escaping to a tropical island to imbibe at a luxury resort. Planning a corporate event? It is said that every good rum comes with a story! Why not book a yachting expedition and stock up on the finest rum to toast a corporate anniversary.

The essence of Rum is in its spirit. It can be full and robust, edged with hints of licorice and distinct combinations of fruitiness; or velvety and buttery with the “smoke” of the barrel it has been fermented in. Rum always speaks of exotic spices and voluminous flavor… Let Travel Benefits by Design take you on a Rum-filled expedition of VIP luxury!

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