Travel Benefits by Design specializes in reserving lodges and cabins for your hunting and fishing expeditions. Key locales which are popular for the hunting expert are the remote wildness of Wyoming and Montana with their bountiful herds of deer and elk. Unit 17-19 Western Alaska is the prized place to hunt brown and grizzly bears, bighorn sheep, and moose for the veteran trophy seeker! Travel Benefits By Design works with local hunting experts and guides who will air-taxi you to the most secluded and beautiful regions of Unit 17-19. For deer hunters and bear hunters, Kodiak Island and Prince of Wales Island hold mountainous gorges and deep shore inlets where grizzlies roam and the only place in the entire U.S. where Sitka deer can be found! Both islands hold gargantuan Black Bass, Yellow Eye, and Halibut for the avid sports fisherman.

For tropical sunlit Aquarian waters, there are the Pacific atolls of Kiritimati for bonefish, giant trevally, red bass (snapper), and yellowfin tuna. In the Caribbean, cruise for bruisers like the 50-90 lb. tarpon, white and blue marlins, wahoo, and the silver-scaled snook. The tidal sweep of the Australian Great Barrier Reef attracts black marlin, barramudi, mangrove jack, mahi mahi and other speedster fish.

Want trophies and photo ops with exotic game? Travel Benefits By Design will find you hunting resorts like the famous Patio Ranch in Texas. The lodges are as “luxurious as rustic can get” with lofty antique stonework by the artist / architect Dionicio Rodriguez. The Patio Ranch holds unique animals such as Arabian Oryx, Axis Deer, the Barasingha Cattle, the European Mouflon sheep, the Nubian ibex, and other rare and majestic animals. TBBD will design for you adventures rugged enough to satisfy the prowess of all Hunters-Explorers-Pioneers….

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