Golf is one of the greatest, most relaxing pastimes and an idyllic way
to combine the passion of golf with a unique vacation!

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Travel Benefits By Design offers expert knowledge for the avid sports golfer who trains week after week for the Love of the Game and who has the passionate intensity for this sport of legends, we will arrange concierge golf trips and packages, which allow seasonal access to the best-rated courses in the world.

Visit historical courses designed by the masters: Bobby Jones – Alister MacKenzie – Max Behr. There’s St. Andrews, the most famous of all golf courses, extending through several key regions in Scotland and Ireland; and Muirfield Village in Scotland (classed No. 2-5 Internationally). Combine the absolutely breathtaking duality of New Zealand and Australia with privacy away from the crowds (Wairaki, Kauri, Paraparaumu – NZ and the Royal Melbourne Club – AU). These dazzling golf courses shine like pristine jewels, surrounded by ocean cliffs and deep blue oceans.The amazing golf courses of the Royal Isabela are what Forbes rates as the Pebble Beach of the Caribbean.

The top-rated American golf courses are the stunning oasis of South Carolina’s Kiawah Golf Resorts and the collection of Pebble Beach prestige. For the daredevil golfer who loves jawdropping vistas, try out the intense gameplay of Spyglass Hill Golf Course with its “Billy Bones” and “Black Dog” holes. For those allured by the paradise of Hawaii, the Kauai Lagoons are not to be missed.

For the leisure golfer who seeks other entertainment, Travel Benefits by Design will arrange your nights of stay with the optimum rounds of golf offered at the fabulous and luxurious Caribbean resorts and Caribbean tropical getaways. Contact TBBD to acquire your premium golf experience.