Do you dream food, cherish and savor haute cuisine, and draw culinary inspiration from international flavors and spices?


ravel Benefits By Design brings you Michelin-starred chefs to enhance your private and group dining tours. Tours will also involve culinary lessons and techniques for the aspiring home chef and passionate foodie. Travel Benefits by Design invites you to partake in the magical creations of famous chefs and chocolatiers, to experiment with different cooking styles, and to hunt for the best truffles, the pasta perfecto, the most succulent caviar, the most delicate pastries and cakes, the most robust cheeses, and other heavenly delectables!


Experience distinct regional nuances and celebrated wine pairings in Italy and France, the culinary meccas. For Lombardy – saffron-flavored risotto, Cremona’s candied Mostardo, and Valtellina’s Pizzoccheri pasta. In Abruzzo the legendary pasta factories, where the world’s best pastas are manufactured. In Veneto the porcini mushrooms, rapini greens and legumes, the rich seafood stews, where mascarpone and asiago dishes are abundantly served. Explore Liguria with its savory pies, pesto-infused pansoti heaped with chickpeas, artichokes and chestnuts, and their distinct trofie (a unique “twist” on the potato gnocchi). Whether Sicily, Tuscany, or Sardinia, Italian local distinctions are simply too rich to describe and must be traveled to and experienced.


In France the culinary experience is at its most elevated, complex, and sublime. Glorious Paris is the origin of all haute cuisine and where all master chefs travel to for inspiration. Paris provides the culinary honeymoon for those celebrating vow renewals and special anniversaries with feasts for the eyes and palate. For Lorraine – delicate fruit preserves, quiches, the best pates, and smoked Fuseaux, Magots, and Chaudins sausages. The regions of Normandy and Brittany – tender sea bass, scallops, sole, succulent lobster, oysters and other top-quality crustaceans, delicately arranged crepes, crème Chantilly, andaine forest mushroom preparations and Camembert cheese. For Burgundy – fabulous wines, the native pike, perch, river crabs, and escargot, the exquisite hazelnut oil, French tarragon and currents, and the rich, darkly-flavored preparations of duck and beef. Regions surrounding the Pyrenees (Bordeaux, Perigod, Gascony and Basque) – flavorful lamb, goose and duck, imaginative preparations of gelatinous terrines, magrets and foie gras, and a feast of entrecote à la bordelaise and boeuf Bazadais dishes.


For spice-seeking explorers, Latin America, Spain, and Portugal offer cultural diversity with African, Moroccan, and Mayan influences. Indulge in full-flavored roasts of pork and beef asados. Experience the mix of sweet and savory components of fig-papaya-cocoa infused meats. Take crusty bites of deep-fried seafood such as the pollo con tajadas prepared with fried banana chips, the sizzling tamales, and huarches (fried dough stuffed with spiced meats).Taste the exotic fruits – quince, cayote, guava, prickly pear-flavored desserts brimming with layered custards and coconut cream – and the dulce de leche cakes. Sample the plethora of stimulating chilies and peppers, hot spiced stews bubbling with tasty lentils, black beans, chayote, rice, and unique varieties of squash, and enjoy regional staples such as plantains, yucca and fermented corn.