Are you a die-hard Coffee lover in need of some time off to yourself? Consider going on an ultimate expedition tailored around your desire to relax and travel to beautiful tropical settings. You are worth a custom vacation! Flavor this experience with many different destinations (Costa Rica and Puerto Rico, the Jamaican Blue Mountains, Kona Hawaii’s Waipi’o Valley, the depths of Guatemala and Peru, the Dutch East Indies Java harvest, the rainforest canopies of Mexico, Honduras, and Brazil)!

Tour the plantations, roasting facilities, museums, shops, cafes, educational areas and coffee festivals arranged according to your tastes and availability. Cuppings, food pairings and bottomless cups are also available on some tours, so be sure to talk to your Travel Benefits By Design travel advisor about what amenities you want to include in your vacation. Are you interested in staying in a cottage on a plantation, a historic mansion that has been converted into a hotel or a picturesque villa overlooking the mountain groves? These are just some of the amazing ways you can combine your taste for coffee with your tropical itinerary.

Experience everything coffee – from planting and harvesting to proper brewing techniques with a professional barista.  Beans are planted, harvested, fermented, pulped, dried, hulled, classified, roasted and brewed and you can tour and experience and learn about every aspect. Tours vary widely so be sure to discuss what you want to experience with your Travel Benefits By Design travel agent and you will literally watch your love for coffee brew to a perfect custom vacation!