You work hard, which is why you enjoy a smooth, consistent Montecristo® cigar to remind you what you’re working for. Ah, the good life! If you have ever had a passing thought that is similar, then keep reading about a dream vacation that will redefine just exactly what the good life is to you! The escape you get when you light a good Davidoff cigar can be shared with you and a group of like-minded, hard working friends.

Travel to a tropical paradise like Cuba, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Nicaragua, or Jamaica and experience a uniquely prosperous value for your time and palate. Take a one-of-a-kind vacation where you will experience everything cigar from the farm to the factory. You will gain a new appreciation for the number of people that are involved in bringing you that Davidoff Yamasa and how each person along the way affects it’s taste and structure. You will gain a sense of the craftsmanship of the artisans who roll your MATASA cigars after interacting with them or by simply seeing how delicate the dried wrapper leaves actually are before being wrapped around your portly smoke.

Be sure to visit the Graycliff Resort in Naussau Bahamas and enjoy the additional luxuries of chocolate, coffee and fine wine. Cigar tours, dinners and cigar tastings are included in your tropical respite.

Davidoff®, Avo®, Camacho®, Montecristo®, Romeo y Julieta®, EP Carillo®, Drew Estates®, Padron®, Arturo Fuente®, Ashton®, Flor DominicanaMy Fathers®, La Aurora®, Plasencia®, Drew EstatesAcidHoya de NicaraguaNaturalsChateau RealLa Vieja HabanaLiga Privada and VegaFina® are some of the sought after brands of cigars that you can incorporate into your dream getaway, or explore other favorite brands or regions that you favor.

Let your best vacation literally go up in smoke!