travel benefits by designThe beautiful islands of the Bahamas have attracted tourists for decades, and it isn’t hard to see why. Composed of over 700 islands and 100,000 square miles of ocean, they offer an endless variety of things to do, sights to see, and memories to make.

The islands were initially inhabited by an easy-going people named the Lucayans. As time went on, the shallow surrounding waters attracted pirates, such as the infamous Blackbeard, as they were great places to hide treasure. The people of the Bahamas worked with the United States throughout the years, including the Civil War, and served as an escape in the times of Prohibition.

Today, the Bahamas are still that escape and a popular vacation destination.

Explore the history: Speaking of the past, the Bahamas has an extensive and fascinating history. If you’re looking to delve deeper into the culture and history of the islands, there is a plethora of historic sites and tours at your disposal. Visit Ragged Island and see the alleged Blackbeard’s Well, where it is said he made his headquarters. Or you could go to San Salvador and visit the preserved Great Lake. There’s also a guided tour around Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas.

Water sports: The beautiful waters surrounding the islands are the main reason that visitors travel to the Bahamas. There’s surfing, kayaking, parasailing, and water skiing, just to name a few of the water activities you can enjoy If you really want to explore the beautiful depths of the oceans, try the Reef Express Snorkeling Tour on Grand Bahama Island in Freeport. You are provided the gear and equipment to explore the shallow waters and see the reefs as well as the aquatic life

Fun for the whole family: If you’re worried that the wonders of the Bahamas might not have something for everyone, then worry no longer. There’s even something for the little ones. Take your kids to swim in the Sapphire Hole in Eleuthera, where they can jump off a 20 foot cliff. There is also Powerboat Adventures in the capital of Nassau, where you can feed iguanas and stingrays, see dinosaur relics, and going shallow snorkeling.

The Bahamas are a perfect getaway where you can leave your troubles behind and explore the islands and the ocean.

Travel Benefits By Design